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RE: Blinkit is back | Blink your devices on blockchain actions!

in #blinkit2 years ago

I remember this. I'll be trying it out tomorrow when I have some time to spare.


Thank you very much, please let me know your test results, so far i only have tested it on two machines.


Initial test results. I'll do a little more testing soon.

Awesome :) !

The sound notification works when I test it, but I'm not hearing it when a comment/vote comes in. Not sure if it's my machine yet. I'll test some more and let you know.

Thanks for letting me know, found the issue, will update it in the next version, but if you want to fix it you can open HiveCommentsVotes.bat in a text editor and find the notification section "Play windows notification sound", line 181 and remove >NUL and save the file, it should fix the issue.

That fixed it. :)

Just updated the Blinkit project on Github with the fix as well.