Blender + Python experiments 1

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As my summer grad class is ending, I am remembering how much I enjoy experimenting with no end goal in site. It helps me push the boundaries of what I know and allows me to synthesize new concepts.

Take for example the following code:


It is simple enough. Take two random numbers and subtracts them from each other. That value positive or negative can be tethered by a point that is the center of the screen and applied coordinates that controls the position of a circle which I've used to generate this movement.


I have done this in Javascript or P5JS. Last night I got to port this over into Blender + Python. I still have to learn how to animate it, but I recorded my initial results.




I am learning about shaders now and should have results from those learning sessions soon.

Update! I used these shapes to make an animated NFT:


cool stuff!

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Freaky stuff, nice open-source software usage!