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RE: Finding the new Bitcoin ATH using mathematics

in #bitcoin3 years ago

It is very interesting the use of the Golden Rule for the crediting of market behavior, I had not seen it before in this way, I appreciate that, because it makes me think.

I am struck by the fact that I have seen several price predictions of the BTC that point to an increase in 2020, but in your study, you rather point out that a rise in 2021 may occur, it is not far off, but it still arouses curiosity.

I share the idea that the past can be used to anticipate future behaviors, but not for a "precise prediction", after all, for the analysis of events and the development of potential scenarios there is an overwhelming amount of variables that can intervene.

Perhaps because of this, the large number of variables and the wide range of values ​​that they can present, the implementation of Data Mining, Expert Systems and more recently AI for market analysis, has been seen as a set of tools with which it is necessary get acquainted

I wonder what it would be to combine this interpretation proposal based on the Golden Rule and the Fibonacci sequence with an AI ... I have no clear idea what would come out, but I don't doubt it would be interesting.


Hi @pedrobrito2004, thanx for your reply.
I point out 2021 and 2025 as a next peak years simply because of my understanding of the market. It can be in 2020 and then whenever, but I think if the cycles are repeating every 4 years, that means the main cycles were 2013 and 2017, that makes me those years.
Surely, it can be calculated for the entries that way and after next peak, maybe someone else will come with the theory that 400 D EMA + 127 D EMA are better for finding the next peak, that is possible. But at this moment, it seems to me very fascinating to look at it that way, using golden ratio multiplier for moving averages. I will watch the levels closely in the next bull run.