How to increase RAM memory with available resources?

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Sometimes our laptop is a little short of resources for the activities we carry out. Not all the time you have the economic resources to buy a RAM memory that has more capacity. This is where I am going to show you how to use or convert part of the hard disk memory into RAM memory.

Example: If you have RAM, memory is 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB or 8 GB. With the change that we are going to make in this tutorial, your laptop will be approximately double. I want to make something clear, a module or two with RAM memory to install is not the same as taking memory from the hard disk and converting it into RAM memory.

This can help the teamwork much better and if you don't have the financial resources it can be a solution.

The steps you must follow are the following:

First: you need to know how much RAM your laptop has to know how much you can add from the hard drive as seen in the image.

AMR R PC 08.png

Second: you can open any folder, search for equipment, and right click on properties as seen in the image.

AMR R PC 01.png

Third: Once in the window go to advanced system settings as seen in the photo.

AMR R PC 02.png

Fourth: Once in the system properties window, go to the advanced options tab and then click on settings as seen in the image.

AMR R PC 03.png

Fifth: Once in the performance options tab, go to advanced options as seen in the image.

AMR R PC 04.png

Sixth: Once in the advanced options tab, go to virtual memory and click on change, as seen in the image.

AMR R PC 05.png

Seventh: Once in the virtual memory tab, you must uncheck the box that is indicated in the image.

AMR R PC 06.png

Eighth: Once all options are enabled, go to custom size. In this box, you can enter the RAM capacity in MB that your laptop has. In my case, my laptop has 6 GB of RAM, so I can put 6000 MB = 6 GB of virtual memory for RAM.

In the box below, you can see the maximum you can put. I put 6000 MB = 6 GB, but if your laptop has a dedicated video card of 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB, you can take 25% is recommended, only 25% of the capacity of your card. dedicated video or GPU. IMPORTANT: I am not referring to the integrated graphics of the processor. Only to your laptop's dedicated video card or GPU.

In this case, 25% of 1 GB of video is 250 MB; it is the appropriate amount to add more in the lower box along with the 6000 MB of virtual memory for RAM.

AMR R PC 07.png

That is, 6000 MB + 250 MB GPU = 6250 MB would be the maximum you could add.

After adding the amount in both boxes, click set and then accept.

Immediately an advertisement will appear asking to restart the laptop, click on accept and finish closing all the windows to proceed with the restart of the laptop.

After the laptop restarts, you can start doing the different jobs and you will immediately see an improvement in how quickly your laptop works. After a few moments, the team will start working much faster than before.

I hope this tutorial helps you to have a better performance in the work you do with your laptop. Remember to give me a LIKE and subscribe to the blog, with this you would be helping a lot.

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