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RE: Did the CIA invent Bitcoin?

in #bitcoin3 years ago (edited)

Great to see someone pointing out the elephant in the room. YES, I'd say Bitcoin was set up by the CIA. And that is just the starting point - extend that to all mainstream media, almost all "alt media", almost all social media, and a lot of popular crypto coins.

Zionist organisations ALWAYS leave clues - its a running joke ("sheeple too stupid to see our clues") - "Intelligent Central" is them through and through.

The other elephant in this room - was Steemit set up by the CIA as well? (just who is Stan Larimer again?)


Good point, yes I have also heard that those elite like to leave clues in plain sight. What a joke, I would laugh if it wasn't so murderous.

Indeed we can't trust mainstream media at all, those are the propaganda machines to keep the sheeple in illusion generally.

As for Steemit being another CIA tool and Larimer as their asset or agent - I would not be surprised at all. Crypto, like all potentially powerful things, has probably been infiltrated, thanks for making me aware of the possibilities.

But if they did, then why are they also trying to ban it? Why?

You can work this out - take a deep breath and think hard :)

Are you sure they are trying to ban it? The latest news from America is that the SEC and the regulators are discussing taxing bitcoin or at least regulating it as a security. In some states of America you can pay taxes in crypto apparently, though I will have to look for a reference for that.

I hate taxes. One way to ban something is to tax it in order to get people to ban it themselves simply by not using the stuff. Notice how many countries try to regulate and even stop cryptocurrencies. Regulation is a step towards prohibition, historically, which they did with gold, beer, drugs, swear words, etc.