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RE: Did the CIA invent Bitcoin?

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Powerful stuff, I read the post by the deceased author on Xanadu from your link, many thanks for that reference. I see the post was written in Oct 2017 and his wallet was powered down on Oct 2018, though he stopped posting in Feb 2018.
The plot thickens.

Sure would like to know who did that if he was dead.
I bet somebody found his keys and settled his estate.

Did he die or was he murdered?

Did Geoffrey Epstein die, or was that just the body of a stand in with different nose and earlobes that nobody noticed because they were too busy squarking that Epstein was murdered?

Wake up sheeple, the CIA carry out israel's orders a bit better than at level one deceptions.

Jeffrey or Geoffrey, which one died?

A completely different guy altogether with big ears and a beak nose

I know I saw the clone picture

True, he may not be dead. I don't know. Trump needs to fire more and more people out of the government. Drain the swamp.

Chump doesn't get to decide which way to do his own comb over - he is 100% israel's puppet boy


So, you love taxes?

Very odd logic jump there... Chump is government - so he's current puppet in charge of tax theft

Do you love rubber chickens?


I hate taxes. Do you like taxes? I promote making government smaller.

Plucky! That's Max Keiser's friend, I see him on their show occasionally. MAx is my Bitcoin guru.

Only the shadow knows,...