Crypto Investing Mid August

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Last Week

A huge week, we are slowly coming back and might soon see even new all time highs...

Prices and Funds

BTC = 41817.29 -> 47611.29
ETH = 2818.10 -> 3298.26

Starting Funds: 10000 (Sept 2019)

Strategy I: Full $
11079.47 -> 11085.09
Strategy II: Full BTC (HODL)
44702.69 -> 50896.48
Strategy III: My Analysis
95577.86 -> 108821.29
Strategy IV: My Analysis including Ethereum
200928.91 -> 235165.39


Our strategy is working perfectly and we see no need to change. We stay fully invested and favour eth over btc.
Please note that this is not financial advice. I am just testing some statistical methods and documenting them here. Everyone has their own situation that prefers more or less risk. Everyone has their own goals. Without knowing these there is no way to find the right investment plan for YOU.

My strategies for the week are:

Strategy I: Full $ @ 2.82% annual interest
Strategy II: Full BTC @ 0.04% annual interest
Strategy III: My Analysis
Long Bitcoin 100% @ 0.04% annual interest
Strategy IV: My Analysis including Ethereum
Long Ethereum 100% @ 0.03% annual interest