Crypto Investing March 2021


Last Week

We got a relatively strong correction downwards. If we bottom out here we still have higher highs and higher lows but it starts to look a bit shaky and we might se a longer steeper correction.

Prices and Funds

BTC = 58676.02 -> 52934.08
ETH = 1813.08 -> 1615.97

Starting Funds: 10000 (Sept 2019)

Strategy I: Full $
10876.68 -> 10899.05
Strategy II: Full BTC
62724.70 -> 56586.56
Strategy III: My Analysis
119910.90 -> 108176.61
Strategy IV: My Analysis including Ethereum
150446.95 -> 135130.26


We remain bullish but consolidate our position into bitcoin. There is a good chance that we have seen the local bottom and can move higher, but we may also break down further. Overall we believe the odds to be favourable for a long position.
Please note that this is not financial advice. I am just testing some statistical methods and documenting them here. Everyone has their own situation that prefers more or less risk. Everyone has their own goals. Without knowing these there is no way to find the right investment plan for YOU.

My strategies for the week are:

Strategy I: Full $ @ 5.92% annual interest
Strategy II: Full BTC @ 0.23% annual interest
Strategy III: My Analysis
Long Bitcoin 100% @ 0.23% annual interest
Strategy IV: My Analysis including Ethereum
Long Bitcoin 100% @ 0.23% annual interest