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RE: Finding the new Bitcoin ATH using mathematics

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Dear @blockchainfo

It's definelty interesting read. I'm not much of a trader (burned myself doing that). However I kind of learned not to believe in maths when market is very small, with almost no liquidity and easy to manipulate with mass media news.

These laws work not only in the entire universe and thus everywhere on earth

Math surely is working everywhere on earth. The only thing is that same math is being used against traders and following indicators does remind of being a sheep.

I think it's much easier and more efficient to monitor and measure moods of traders and investors. Comparing to monitoring indicators and following predictions.

Upovted already,
Yours, Piotr


Hi @crypto.piotr, most of the traders are in red numbers, so it is actually not a bad thing, that you are not one of them.
In one of the next interviews we will have someone experienced with what you are talking about - measuring moods of traders and the crowd. It is surely a good way how to look upon the market. But this indicators mentioned in this article "could" be a perfect tool, when used properly, to find the top/resistances/supports, which is not 100% of course, but it might help.
Thanx for your reaction!

Thank you for your comment @blockchainfo and for being so responsive

Looking forward to see that interview.

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