Alex Jones Lost $500+ Million in Bitcoin on Misplaced Laptop

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By C. Edward Kelso

It’s the slap heard ‘round the world.

The podcast Flagrant 2, hosted by comedians Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh, scored quite a guest, InfoWars co-founder Alex Jones. The near three hour episode became a booze-infused laugh fest, allowing Jones to let down his conspiratorial hair and get loose.

And loose Jones got.

At one point, as inebriation worked its magic, Jones was asked about his thoughts on cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin (BTC) in particular. Schulz wondered why the phenomenon has been allowed to explode seemingly without much government intervention or regulation.

In a rare moment of humility, followed quickly by a wry smile, Jones confessed to not knowing much about the subject. Both hosts, Schulz and Singh, gasped at Jones’ lack of an insider take, prompting Jones to pivot in real time.

“Obviously,” Jones told an eagerly awaiting room, “Bitcoin is totally controlled.” When pressed, Jones elaborated about having been approached by “globalist intelligence operations” a decade ago during a Bilderberg Group meeting.

Summer of 2011 would place the event in Switzerland as Bitcoin was breaking new price records of around $5.00, but Jones’ recollection has him somewhere North of London for the fateful encounter … which could mean the Bilderberg gathering of 2013 was held that year in the United Kingdom (the price would’ve been falling to around $50, give or take).

Regardless, Bilderberg bills itself as a candid debate event among Western elites. It has been in operation since the mid-20th century. Conspiracy theorists such as Jones often seize on Bilderberg as evidence of a world-controlling cabal, and the Bilderberg meeting does itself no favors by essentially keeping the public from its deliberations.

Jones describes himself having dinner during an unofficial connection with the event, near it at least, when financial gadfly and television personality Max Keiser approached. Keiser, host of the television program, The Keiser Report on RT UK, was a relatively early proponent of Bitcoin, often using his show and staking his personal reputation to the world’s first cryptocurrency.

Keiser is also known for his bombast and strong personality, similar to Jones, and evidently made an evangelical Bitcoin push at Jones during dinner. Jones describes his own demeanor as mostly dismissive, and Keiser apparently gave Jones 10,000 Bitcoin (the terms were not disclosed) that night … which ended up on a laptop.

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Keiser, according to Jones, became exasperated at Jones’ lack of enthusiasm for Bitcoin, calling Jones a “fucking idiot” and storming off in disgust. “He wouldn’t talk to me for like a year,” Jones remembered.

“I lost the laptop,” Jones told Schulz and Singh, recounting salient details fuzzily. “Today, what’s 10,000 Bitcoins worth? A lot,” Jones emphasized. He later remarked having no idea what became of that laptop.

The price of Bitcoin as of publication is north of $57,000 per, placing that lost 10,000 BTC at $570 million. As the drunken hosts of Flagrant 2 mathematically deciphered closer to that astronomical number, Schulz blurted out, “You fucking idiot,” prompting laughter and a defeated grimace on Jones.

Jones then demanded to be slapped by Schulz, who playfully obliged. “I deserve it!” Jones shouted. “I swear to fucking God this is real!” He went on to implicate Keiser in having something to do with Russian president Vladimir Putin due to Keiser’s long-running show on the Russia Today network, owned by the government.

From there, the conversation veered into familiar territory as Jones insisted Bitcoin is a global conspiracy then in need of “front man,” alleging Tesla’s Elon Musk to be their latest recruit.

For his part, Keiser confirmed at least having given Bitcoin to Jones, tweeting, “One on the most startling chapters in #Bitcoin (the price was under $5 at the time).”

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Wow. Give me a few hours in Jone's garage.

I never heard of Flagrant 2 until now, but anybody who has the guts to interview Alex Jones has my interest. So, after watching that clip, I'm going to watch the entire almost three hour interview they did.

Alex Jones red-pilled me in 2016, not that I was ever a leftist before that, but I was less aware before that; since then, I've been writing more, I've been listening to different people a lot more; I read more. I've been learning a whole lot these past five years.

I joined Steemit (the daddy of Hive Blog) in 2017. I started buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that same year. I like the philosophy of the decentralization of competitive money, be it crypto, gold, silver, precious metals, natural resources, water, land, people, trees, food, etc. My motto in general is simply may the best sources of value win be it cryptocurrencies and/or other things.

I've been following what Alex and others say about Bitcoin for years, it's a rather long story, and Jones has generally said bad things about Bitcoin but has generally praised cryptocurrency technology for going against the monopoly of the Federal Reserve, the central global banks, etc.

I don't know if Alex really thinks Max Keiser is an operative, a bad man, or whatever, but I like Max and I listen to Max sometimes.

I don't know why Alex would try to say Bitcoin is controlled or what. Could there be secret code in how Bitcoin works to allow for a trap door so globalists could steal all the Bitcoins in the world? I would say probably not but it doesn't matter either way because if that were to happen, then people could then move on to a Bitcoin fork, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Hive, Steem, other cryptocurrencies, gold, etc.

By the way, countries have tried to ban and destroy Bitcoin but have failed so far. People have tried hacking into Bitcoin and have failed. So, it's not like they're not trying to flood crypto with regulations and the corrupt aspects of the federal government in the United States have been clamping down and/or trying to at least clamp down on cryptos. My advice is, "Hold on for the ride of your life."

Alex has said Bitcoin can make us used to digital coins (virtual fiat). It is true on a psychological level, crypto can draw people away from cash, coins, gold, tangible assets, etc.

Facebook is trying to get Libra (Diem), their own fake cryptocurrency coin, to go viral. It's actually more like digital fiat and not an actual cryptocurrency as far as I can tell. Governments in different countries seek after having fake cryptocurrencies or centralized digital tokens. They want people to give up all their cash, all their gold, etc, and rely only on digital tokens which they control.

But people SHOULD NOT conflate digital fiat with mathematically-governed cryptocurrencies.

Digital fiat has problems. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, has helped many people escape Venezuela for example.

In conclusion, I'm going to continue to invest in cryptocurrencies. But at the same time, people should also try to buy land and should start farms and become as independent as possible.