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RE: Misinformation, Misconceptions, and Covid-19

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Also, people with pre-existing conditions ... are still people. It's not okay to accept someone's death just because they had an immunodeficiency. It's not okay that someone who was infected with a virus they might have survived dies because they also contracted SARS-CoV-2.

This is not a scientific argument.

One should not assume that someone who holds an opposing on a particular scientific point is somehow unemotional with regard to any particular issue.

When discussing a science paper, the science should be under discussion... not the morality nor the value judgement one may or may not have with regard to the subject.


And again, in my original answer, I assumed the study is accurate just for the sake of the argument. Because I was wondering what exactly you wanted to prove by saying that the death rate is supposedly so low. Covid19 still has a different impact than the flu.

I did not discuss the science paper. I discussed the point of your argument.

You've used many words indicating that there is tremendous uncertainty in your science claims.

I wish you well.

And always make sure to include all sources of data, including those which may disprove your conclusion.

It's not worth ur time.
"Scientists" like her will never realize that totalitarian actions like from our govs the last few months can (and did) result in more deaths than a nearly harmless virus..

Hope you got the satisfaction you so obviously needed.