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RE: Misinformation, Misconceptions, and Covid-19

in #biology2 years ago

I reblogged @apsu's cross post and this intentionally. There is not information out there about this and what a worthy reblog!

Firstly I am only learning now about the difference between the virus and the disease. I assumed it was one and the same thing. I had read somewhere that it is causing strokes to young people which has had my eldest on his own lockdown.

What is interesting is how this is so detailed yet what the media is putting out here is probably what is fuelling the misinformation. Locally, tales of ridiculous ways to heal it are too juicy for sighs and smhs but there is one that still stands out.

Apparently, a new born baby said that the cure to this deadly is what we refer to as 'strong tea' (the rest of the world calls it black tea) then it died. And people started believing it and even getting careless as they could afford the cure. I have never been so irritated by ignorance.


People are desperate for a solution, so they will try anything. Human nature, I suppose ...

People are allowed to be desperate because it is scary but those responsible for spreading the wrong info will only make it worse.