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RE: Misinformation, Misconceptions, and Covid-19

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So far, the only good thing she shared was that she received the results of her Covid19 test within 3 days. She was surprised it was this fast.

If I accept that anyone can die any minute, I will become cold, because death is not something I just accept. Which is why I'm a biologist and want to help find cures for disease.


Isn't it possible to accept death and be sincere, friendly and in love with people nevertheless. Why is it a contradiction for you?

Always, since the profession of doctors are present, they were dealing with dying people. What happens to a doctor who cannot accept that people die? Will he/she probably become stressed out because of dying people, especially when they were young and healthy before? Why would you be different in your profession as a biologist? We are all humans and death is the most natural thing next do birth. I think we forget about it too often and once it moves itself in front of our eyes, we become deeply uncomfortable, like right now.

But okay. I think this could be something your educators could talk about to their students. If not, I would ask myself, why.

I don't like not having a choice. I know it's basically impossible, but if I ever found the solution for eternal life? I'd use it.

Until then, I will give everything to prevent unnecessary death.

Who is to define what's unnecessary death if not for his very personal and private realm? Once it becomes defined for a whole society, you scare all those people who welcome it as a part of life.

Have a good night to Ireland.



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