What is a polymorphic exosome?

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An exosome is a lipid vector particle that can be filled with enzyme codes for protein gene expression. They are the building blocks of creation within living things. They can be used to destroy as in break down or they can be used to create as in build up. They can release or express whatever they have been programmed to release or express. Many people think cell waste is simply cell waste but that's not entirely true.


If you understand how parts from one electrical device can be used to fix parts of another electrical device then you can apply that thought process of breaking down cells to use parts of one cell to fix another cell.


The reason we fail to understand this is because we fail to recognize what our bodies are. We are electrical beings we function identical to electrical devices but instead of being an inanimate object we are self animated beings. We self regenerate our bodies, we heal ourselves by breaking down our bodies into tiny molecules to rearrange these molecular particles or replace them or create new particles to heal ourselves.

This could not be possible without the "polymorphic exosome"

Remember that disease = HEALING "natural regeneration" it hurts!


So we all make choices.

What we do with our bodies determines our outcome of life.

We are evolved beings however not in the way that many people think.

We are each genetically different.

One person might express genes that damage or mutate the cell once exposed to something where someone else might not.

This cell mutation releases different expressions on lipid membranes of cells and polymorphic exosomes.


Now we have to pull all this information together in a meaningful way.

Some people exposed to certin poisons will create dumb cells that can pump out dumb polymorphic exosomes that function like a make believe virus organism these are called "virus like particles" which are polymorphic exosomes!

These dumb cells have been uniquely damaged in some way that cause the creation of what people call a "virus" but what it actually is, is an exosome with a damaged/mutated/wrong "enzyme code" normally because the body lacked the minerals or amino acids to make the correct "enzyme code" for a particular purpose.

This is the entire purpose of molecular biology and to understand gene expression and how this can go wrong or right.

I believe it proves terrain theory to be 100% correct and germ theory is just a misconception of this evidence!

Germ theory uses unproven methods and false terms to describe occurrences within the body by attributing it to organisms instead of signals outside and inside the body. I think a new language to describe these things needs to be made so people understand it. German New Medicine has particularly filled that void interestingly the word "Germ" is used in this name.

When I make my posts I try to break things down that make sense to as many people as possible. I want others to understand but will my thoughts/knowledge and discernment of scientific literature ever be mainstream thought and how many scientists and researchers have been hoping for the same thing? Where and why is there such a misconception?

I do think others are getting the big picture now but sadly many minds are trained to believe science is settled and there is no reason to argue even though there is plenty of reason to argue about the so-called settled science.

When I read papers now I will have to make names for certain processes because there is no central theme used even though the experiments are being done no one is willing to change the foundation of "settled science".

So here are a few examples of my version of unsettled science.


Dumb Exosomes - Released by old decaying cells that perform a function not needed to keep the body healthy and functioning. So this gene expression needs turning off it won't do this until the area where this dumb exosome is functioning gets cleaned up or the cells might be lacking an essential nutrient so it simply can't turn it off because it doesnt have what it needs because it's being starved or poisoned.

A person might be doing something like breathing in smoke over and over again and so the dna of the cells keep expressing this gene to keep this dumb exosome doing something that you need it to do but in general it's dumb and does one function over and over again.


Poisonous exosome - A dumb exosome that can infect many more cells due to mutated dna or damaged dna and having viral proteins packaged inside it. These exosomes can cause other cells to create more exosomes using messenger RNA. Before it does this there is no checking to see if the mRNA came from a damaged or mutated cell. it will inject its damaged mRNA enzyme code straight into the cell using reverse transcriptase or exosomel recombination and tell the cell to make more poisoned exosomes. This is what the covid-19 vaccine ultimately is.

Healthy exosomes - cleans up cells and can use exosome recombination if needed to fix damaged DNA within cells. They help with chemotaxis and cell motility, they contain healthy "viral" proteins that are expressed as and when needed to heal from oxidative stress and contain interferons to stop the "viral" protein from becoming overpowering or becoming a poisonous exosome.

Determined exosome - they are filled with cytokines and interferons with no viral proteins expressed. These go into cells to take the chemicals and make healthy proteins from cells and move them into infected/poisoned/rotting areas of the body for cell regeneration purposes. They also destroy DNA damaged cells but only after taking what they need from them. With the help of healthy exosomes they can recognize and move cancer cells into cancer sacks storing them and starving the mitochondria.

Back Up Exosomes - These are stem cell exosomes. They are programmed by your Regulatory-T cells to take out any cells that don't meet your regular DNA code programming, so they operate like healthy exosomes and determined exosomes but come only from the lymphatic system.

I could go on and on but the whole of molecular biology seems to make up language that is misunderstood by even the most intelligent scientists all the time and they never come to any conclusions because I believe they don't want people to understand the communications of cell biology and they are paid to find drugs, not tell you to make better choices to live better lives. The science is there to prove terrain theory but no one is willing to speak that truth!

Remember that, virus means poison and when your cells are poisoned the DNA within the cell becomes damaged which will force your cells to express exosomes that are not packaged with the correct enzymes sequences. These exosomes can and do communicate to other cells so this is why people have looked at exosomes, recognized their functions and called them pathogenic mutated dormant virus organisms instead of poisoned or dumb "polymorphic exosomes".


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