How was Coronavirus released to every nation, and what is its purpose?

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There´s a quite solid "conspiracy" pointing to the artificial origin of the Coronavirus (be it from the US/Canada block or China). The critics of this theory allege that it can´t be possible due to the low mortality it has, which would make this a ridiculous weapon, so they just laugh at this possibility.


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From what I seen tho, this virus could be a highly effective "drone strike" among the bio weapons.

It´s not dangerous enough do decimate or wipe out an adversary to which one has economic dependencies.
It´s dangerous enough to the adversary(es) to take epidemic measures against it, slowing down or completely stopping its economical activity. Something which was quite effective in China.
It´s targeted to the older part of the population. However, most global leaders and influential individuals are beyond their 60s.

Basically whoever developed and/or deployed this weapon was focusing on three objectives:

Throw an indirect economical nuke at the affected country(es). Which as we seen is quite effective in the case of China. However we don´t know which country (es) is the ultimate goal...
Incapacitate or destroy the power structure of the affected countries enough so that it can weaken it and open for "change".
Create a crisis to implement "measures" according to own agenda.

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As result in a couple months we gonna see more important people getting sick or dying. The internal and geopolitical balance of power will enter a destabilized state and will shift.

The culpirit of the activation of this weapon could be basically anyone.

The US/UK/Israel/Saudi block slowing down a threatening China. The virus wouldnt affect much the hotter territories under their control (Saudis, Israel, South and Central Americas, Australia) and would allow to move their agendas in case heads of state that they dont need or are threatening them die (Putin is quite old you know).

Russia is interested in "controlling" China´s influence and power balance in their own interests, also an overall havoc is in their interest to win some more time and deter the coming attacks from the NATO block. A pandemic is quite in hand for them if its controlled in their soil.

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China itself could be interested in placing more draconian control measures on itself, or even use it to clean the ranks from people they dont need, or even take out the old powerful guys from the board. There could even be an antigov front in there that could be interested in whatever is happening in there right now.

Any other ambitious individual state interested in slowing down everyone else. Turkey, Israel, NK, India, France, Germany or other European power player.

In any case, I see this virus as a very smart weapon. The less affected country or the one that will get their vaccine first, could be possibly the one behind the attack.

Why would Putin want to destabilize his biggest ally when NATO is conducting war games on his border?

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A too big ally becomes a master at some point.


Why would China destabilize itself to the point of economic collapse?

Internal power struggles. Wiping the opposition that was growing with the HK movement. Their deep state cares as much about their population and national stability as the US one cares about it.

This is obviously the US Deep State in motive and modus operandi.

That would be an option, but there are a lot of parties that benefit from it. Just take half europe with their inverted population pyramid getting rid of old people and pension debt. Coupled with the arrival of dumb youth from the middle east is a quite good solution for their future.


More about coronavirus here ar :

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