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RE: Misinformation, Misconceptions, and Covid-19

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Great write-up. So much misinformation out there. It's difficult to be the voice of reason on Facebook and elsewhere with all the re-posting without people taking the proper time to understand what they are posting. It's such a misinformation mill. Problem I also see as we extend the lock-downs, is the complacency and people letting down their guard - and don't get me started on these dimwit protesters. Just shake my head. So much that we still do not understand about the human immunological response and COVID-19's pathways, not to mention the whole immunity discussion as well. Public statements by some politicians do not help.

Not a misconception or misinformation, maybe more lack of information. A pretty big issue I see is people just not knowing how to maintain a sterile field. Sure, put on PPE but don't pull your face mask down to answer your open phone that you are holding in your gloved hands. Should have some public announcement or commercial on the basics.


Haha oh boy I agree with the PPE thing.

Went grocery shopping today. Kept my distance, disinfected stuff I knew is touched by everyone, kept my hands clean too.

Watched the guy in front of me (wearing gloves) use his phone and hand the cashier cash to pay. The cashier didn't wear gloves and touched all my stuff with the same hands.

Then outside, people wearing masks that don't cover their noses. People touching their face with gloved hands. It's everywhere.

Yes, almost my exact experience too. We do disinfect pretty well everything that comes into the house... especially deliveries to my Octogenarian father-in-law. Our normal 1 hour grocery shopping outing is now 3 hours... just requires a bit more planning and coordination.

But the PPE ... makes me want to stop and give lessons.