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RE: Misinformation, Misconceptions, and Covid-19

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A great sum-up. Can you say sum-up?

One thing which is terrible in people that quite many people who have had access to all the information we have, but they've decided to ignore it. They ignore the things given us as clear as possible, but they decide to listen to their yoga teacher Karen in a shady FB-group who's saying that vaccines are bad.



The problem here is that science often doesn't give you clear cut answers, but Karen does. Do X and you are safe. And our brains love easy, black/white solutions to complicated problems, which is what a lot of media is exploiting by summarization a complicated topic into a clickbait, possibly wrong conclusion.

I'm personally not sure how to best solve this, but I'm sure @suesa has more insights here than me :)

Make actual science sound more clickbait?

Disguise yourself as a Karen and start educating!

Do I have to cut my hair or do you think a wig will do?

A cheap wig will only work for your advantage.

You're 100% right on that, science rarely gives clear cut answers. I do know how right you're on that, it's clearly pointed how some people believe in their personal experiences far more than science. They often believe even other peoples personal experiences more.

"I was drinking wine all night and then drove home. It proves that drinking and driving is not dangerous."

"I ate cheese one morning and my car broke down. This proves that cheese can harm your car."

All we can do is to spread knowledge and hope more and more people will learn.