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RE: Misinformation, Misconceptions, and Covid-19

in #biology2 years ago

I was informed of these 3 things:
-Covid 19 can live undetected in the body for 3 days, so self diagnose every 3 days
-100% of people have herpes
-this virus will be like the AIDS virus, they will get it controlled by medicine.
I just sat there thinking, wow one can truly learn something new everyday

PS. thanks for the great information.

  1. Is not quite true. The incubation time (= time between infection and symptoms) can be up to 14 days. And even then, some people do not show any symptoms but are still able to infect others. This is the reason we are supposed to do social distancing! We don't know if we carry the virus or not, if we don't get tested, so we need to act as if we are infected to protect those around us.

  2. Not quite 100%, but the majority of people very likely has one variation of the herpes virus. Here is a post I wrote on that topic.

  3. That is speculation. The AIDS virus is a different virus, not even a coronavirus. Ideally, we will find medicine and even a vaccine. But at this point, we can not be sure that will ever happen.

Thanks for reading! :)