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RE: The Effectiveness of Small-Scale Anaerobic Digesters in Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions (II)

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Finally I'm getting around to reading your series about bio-digesters. Super interesting, especially the small scale part.

I once saw such a setup on a Costa Rican farm. They had a handful of pigs, a very simple digester right below the pig sty, and a pipe running to the kitchen to use the gas for cooking.

Another example of a small digester I saw in the highlands of New Mexico, where he put it into a greenhouse, with movable insulation panels he had to open and close at sunrise and sunset. He used the manure from his chickens and ducks for it.

What I would love to see (and learn about implementing) is a small scale digester hooked up straight to the toilet, to make direct use of our humanure, to produce gas for cooking / heating.


It's the great simple tech that goes a long way. I saw that for 5-600 bucks you can buy them for your garden pretty nice ones too. That would be a great system with the toilets especially for apartment builds and stuff. They have to have something like that going on already. I never saw them in real life (besides in the university) until I got to Germany. In our village we even have bio trash cans that they take and dump in the digesters.

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