A Comprehensive Review on Biogas (Part 2)

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I could remember making a promise on my last post about Comprehensive Review on Biogas and the promise I made was that today's post will be the concluding part of the content. You can also read more about my last publication on Biogas by clicking here to ensure proper understanding and assimilation of the content.

Today I'll be concluding the biogas review content by sharing with you some important benefits or advantages including uses of biogas as this may also motivate you to also adopt such a lovely system aside from the great lessons you'll learn from this post today. I suggest you grab some delicious juice and pop corn as you digest this content 😊.

Benefit or Advantages of Biogas System


Renewable energy are sources of energy which can easily be replenished. These sources of energy are mostly from natural sources and they are easily replaced after being used up. There's actually no doubt that biomass is also proven to be one of the top renewable energy since it involves generating energy from organic matter. Energy generated from biogas is clean and highly renewable without the need of burning any fuel making it have less impact on the cause of global warming.

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The fact is that there are now more industries and companies around the world delving into biogas systems. Some companies are also known for the production and installation of biogas system for their clients while some companies make use of biogas as a means of generating energy due to it's high renewable and clean nature.



Another important advantage of biogas is that it is very easy or cheap to construct unlike some other energy source. The organic materials or organic wastes are things you can easily find around your environment without going through much stress. You can also decide to design and construct your personal biogas digester easily or you can also purchase or buy from companies offering such services.



There's also no doubt that generating energy from biogas has also been one of the best form or ways of utilizing organic wastes. There are some countries encouraging their citizens when it comes to storing such wastes in which the whole wastes is being collected for recycling process and utilization for human use. This is why you see different waste collectors collecting and storing such organic wastes in places where they can easily be accessible for use.


It's really sad some African countries don't really know how great and powerful these waste can help in terms of energy generation and other means. I sometimes walk in a devastating state whenever I come across different wastes being abandoned or burnt without serving it's purpose for the production of biogas. This is one of the reasons I'm writing this to educate everyone and I also want you to know that there's nothing that has no benefit just like the organic waste you keep throwing away or burning down also has it's own benefit provided you know how you can derive this great benefit. I hope we have a nation where the citizens understand the value and importance of such organic wastes instead of using it as a means to pollute the environment (land and water pollution) but the government should work more on collecting such waste to enable proper processing and recycling for human use.


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A well processed organic waste mixture can also be useful for agricultural purposes in such a way that it can serve as a means of fertilizer or organic manure which helps to promote crop yield. This can be gotten from the digester discharge producing the by product of biogas waste mixture.

A very good advantage of biogas is that it can be used as an alternative for cooking. It's really great to observe some biotech companies spreading this great benefit by setting biogas system at various houses in different locations spreading the adoption of biogas system for cooking activities.


Cooking with biogas at home has really saved lot of women the stress and drudgery involved in cooking with firewoods. The biogas system can easily be installed at home and different organic wastes from the house can be poured into the digester again for refill process and cooking.

Disadvantages of Biogas System


As we all know that there's nothing without advantages that doesn't has its disadvantages. This section will focus on the disadvantages of a biogas system.

Generating energy from biogas is not widely used when compared to other means of renewable energy like solar, water (hydro), etc. This may be due to different reasons such as lack of technical knowledge in setting up the system, lack of finance or probably unavailability of organic waste or matter in one's environment most especially in metropolitan areas.

There are actually some organic wastes that requires at least a month while some can take more than two months for anaerobic decomposition depending on the type of organic waste being used and this implies that users will have to wait for specific period of time for anaerobic decomposition to occur before making use of the biogas system for cooking at home.


The last but not the least is the foul smell evading from the organic wastes. The odor encountered during accumulating the organic wastes, processing and storing of such organic wastes is also disastrous to human health. This is why setting up a biogas plant should be done in remote areas where people won't have access to experience its side effects.

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