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[] 2022-11-27, leisure

This is the leisure release, an intramilestone maintenance release as
part of the LaVerne milestone. Much of this release comprises bugfixes and
updates from the Bitcoin Core upstream. Thanks to @barton2526 for working hard
to port Bitcoin Core PR's for Gridcoin. There are a few notable features that
make this version an important upgrade:

  • Implementation of the getmrcinfo rpc function, which reports summary and/or
    detailed MRC info for a single CPID or the entire network.
  • Implementation of the new core diagnostics library, along with an associated
    walletdiagnose rpc command to allow running diagnostics on a headless wallet.
    The GUI diagnostics were refactored to use the new core library. Thanks
  • Implementation of wallet holder's last vote information on the GUI poll
    cards. This allows you to see your last vote on each poll in the GUI.

Thanks to the following contributors for this release:



[] 2022-11-27, leisure


  • net: Add and document network messages in protocol.h (backport) #2533 (@Pythonix)
  • Define MAX_DIGITS_BTC for magic number in BitcoinUnits::format #2555 (@barton2526)
  • rpc: Implementation of getmrcinfo #2570 (@jamescowens)
  • init: Add init error message if -printtoconsole and -daemon specified simultaneously #2571 (@jamescowens)
  • rpc: getmrcinfo part 2 - add calculated minimum fees and fee boosting and by CPID reporting #2575 (@jamescowens)
  • fs: fully initialize _OVERLAPPED for win32 #2587 (@div72)
  • util: Diagnose Lib Version #1 #2573 (@MinaFarhan)
  • util: Implement core diagnostics #2 (@jamescowens)
  • util: modify Win32LockedPageAllocator to query windows for limit. #2536 (@div72)
  • gui, voting: Implement information for wallet holder's votes on poll info cards #2605 (@jamescowens)


  • scripted-diff: Drop Darwin version for better maintainability #2557 (@barton2526)
  • build: Require gcc8 on Ubuntu Bionic to enable C++17 features #2579 (@barton2526)
  • util: Replace use of locale dependent atoi(…) with locale-independent std::from_chars(…) (C++17) #2564 (@barton2526)
  • translation: Translation updates #2581 (@jamescowens)
  • depends: update urls for dmg tools #2583 (@div72)
  • Use ReadLE64 in uint256::GetUint64 instead of duplicating logic #2586 (@div72)
  • util: Make Parse{Int,UInt}{32,64} use locale independent std::from_chars(…) (C++17) instead of locale dependent strto{l,ll,ul,ull} #2592 (@barton2526)
  • build: don't set PORT=no in #2593 (@barton2526)
  • build: Replace which command with command -v #2595 (@barton2526)
  • build: update ax_cxx_compile_stdcxx to serial 14 #2596 (@barton2526)
  • gui: Changed the unlocked for staking only icons to green #2598 (@delta1513)
  • gui: Translation updates #2599 (@jamescowens)
  • build: update CI for linter and actions version #2606 (@jamescowens)
  • gui: Update translations #2608 (@jamescowens)


  • refactor: remove unused c-string variant of atoi64() #2562 (@barton2526)
  • refactor: Remove unused CDataStream::rdbuf method #2585 (@div72)


  • net: Fix some benign races (backport) #2532 (@Pythonix)
  • rpc: fix invalid parameter error codes for {sign,verify}message RPCs #2556 (@barton2526)
  • build: Fix x86_64 <-> arm64 cross-compiling for macOS #2560 (@barton2526)
  • rpc, mrc: Fix field name and initialization of mrc_fees_to_staker #2567 (@jamescowens)
  • gui: Add missing resizeTableColumns to fix send address book column widths #2569 (@jamescowens)
  • accrual: rebuild snapshot registry on corruption instead of crashing #2577 (@div72)
  • doc: Fix link to MurmurHash3.cpp (moved from Google Code to Github) #2584 (@div72)
  • fix help text for revokebeacon command #2591 (@Pythonix)
  • util: Fix spelling error in gridcoinresearchd.cpp #2590 (@jamescowens)
  • depends: always use correct ar for win qt build #2588 (@div72)
  • util: Fix some bugs due to new implementation and change in BOINC dir handling (@jamescowens)
  • util: Diagnose lib - Implement changes to solve crash on some Boost 1.66 machines #2597 (@jamescowens)
  • contrib: Check for patch command, Check for wget command #2594 (@barton2526)
  • build: Check std::system for -[alert|block|wallet]notify #2582 (@barton2526)
  • gui: Changed the wording on the tooltip for the address book #2602 (@delta1513)
  • build: pass win32-dll to LT_INIT() #2601 (@barton2526)
  • build: minor cleanups to native_clang package #2600 (@barton2526)
  • util: restore translations to diagnostics #2603 (@jamescowens)
  • refactor: Fix problems found by valgrind #2607 (@jamescowens)