The 3D printed Bee incubation chambers are working well

in #bees2 years ago (edited)

When I put out these objects I was unsure of how successful they will be. Though all of the yellow bee goo is a sign they are emerging. Also many cocoons inside are open and whatever was inside has left.


The bee goo will attract the females back to the area when they are ready to lay its babies. I intentionally placed the incubation chambers and other cocoons near the bee boards to encourage them to check them out and use them.


I packed them in three different densities. That way I can see which are the most productive for the Bees to emerge. So far all of them seem to have success. The lightly packed ones all the way to the fully packed incubation chambers.


Even some curious adult female Bees have crawled into the chambers to see what's inside. Hah they quickly leave as they see it's already full of cocoons.


I still have half the cocoons in the fridge. Waiting until March 25th as that's the average last frost date and as long as the calendar looks clear I'll be releasing the remainder of the cocoons.


Other curious Bees are checking out the bee boards I set up behind the incubation chambers. Good sign, as I want them to start using those boards. I also put put a little water in a pickle jar lid but I dont know if they use it or not. There is a stream a hundred feet from them so maybe its redundant. I've been seeing the Bee roaming around and collecting mud. The holes I dug for the plants seem to be prime locations for dirt so the Mason Bees can collect it and build homes.

Thanks again @whangster79 for building me these homes with your 3D printer. Was quite impressed with how well they came out. And the Bees seem quite happy with them as well.