Honeybee Tongues

in #bees3 years ago

I left the table covered in honey after extracting it from a few Flow frames. The yesterday the girls had it cleaned off and were still hanging around getting the last bits. Groups of them were in this same position, tongues going a mile a minute. I am not sure if they were sharing with each other, communicating, or what but they were all mellow with me around. Maybe they were just all fat and happy from all the honey they had cleaned up?

I was happy to let them have the drippings from the harvesting since I got over a gallon of honey from the 3 frames. They have also been cleaning the Flow frames of the wax and using it on the new frames I replaced the Flows with. My better hive has just the 4 bare frames to fill for winter while the smaller hive has a full deep to work on.