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RE: Harvesting Mason Bee cocoons

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Dang! At first I kept thinking wtf, why is this guy taking apart bee nests... but in the end we see why: Looks like I'll have alot of Bees that will emerge in the Spring. Hope my care for them will be good enough. Phew!

Twenty years ago I used to see lots of mason bees here in the Midwest. Now I almost never see any. And I've never come across a nest. Bald hornets, mud wasps, yes, they're all over, and watch your step or you might walk into those underground yellow-jacket nests. Where are the honey bees, bumblebees and mason bees hiding their homes? I wouldn't harvest honey, but I'd do what I can to safeguard their habitats.
Thanks for an awesome post, @solominer!


Hah yeah not smart to rip apart a honey bee hive, at least without the right protection. Hmm that sucks, hope they come back to the Midwest. Maybe there are no good homes for them near by.

Yeah dont step on those yellow jacket nests, I hate those things!

thanks alot!