Red Shift & Geocentric Model of the Universe

in astronomy •  8 months ago 

Posting this again because I think it's a good video explaining what red shift is and what we should see in a heliocentric and geocentric model.

The primary reason for this video was to address the religious-based argument (although I am a Jew myself) presented by a pastor here:

Hopefully people will find it useful for what its intent was.

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I'm with you. It goes both ways, too. There are people who point out that scripture describes bats as birds. But the classification of these animals were not yet scientifically established. So why import scientific standards to that passage that was written before those standards?

I'm also with you on the "it just looks old" explanation being problematic. I think all we really have to do is look at Genesis 1:1: "In the beginning ..." which could also be faithfully translated as "At some point ..."

In fact, the Hebrew used for "In the beginning" in other passages, the context might allow "As First Fruits." I'm not saying it's badly translated. Just consider that, if Earth was the universe's first fruits, something likely happened prior in order for there to be something to grow. You don't suddenly get fruit as step one in farming.

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