Four thousands of years, asteroids have been found in one place, the neighboring asteroids of the Earth, excited scientists.

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This is the discovery of the Earth's neighboring asteroids that have been fixed in one place for thousands of years and the scientists who are excited about it and with that information I have brought before you.


Many questions arise in the minds of many in childhood. Is there any other planet like Earth in it? Many people want to know again which is the neighboring planet of the earth? Because a planet thousands of light years away can no longer be called a neighbor.


Chilean astronomers say one of Earth's neighbors has been found after so many years. And the Trojan asteroid seen through the Sahadan Astrophysical Recharge Telescope will remain in orbit alongside Earth for the next four thousand years. Earlier, scientists at the University of Barcelona began monitoring such asteroids. NASA spacecraft landed last October, the first time in the history of the solar system that a civilization has ever set foot there.


Astronomers in Kolkata say the Trojan asteroids can be seen in the orbits of Jupiter and Mars in the solar system. This time it has been claimed that Earth's orbit has been seen which has not been heard before. This may be due to the fact that at some point orbiting the Sun, the Earth orbits and the position of these asteroids is such that the Earth and the Sun have the same gravitational and gravitational pull, so that they are stationary towards the Earth. That's why scientists are hopeful that this Trojan asteroid could stay in one place for so many thousands of years.


Astronomers have given information about the size of this neighbor of the earth, because the size of the asteroid is 1.2 km multiplied by 400 meters, the asteroid will be able to remain stable in the orbit of the earth for so many years. Otherwise the room may deviate from the path.


In this context, the space agency is currently planning to send a spacecraft to survey what valuable elements, such as platinum iron and nickel cobalt, were formed during the formation of the solar system, and how much of those valuable but essential elements are in Trojan asteroids. So far only two asteroids have been sent into space, one named Ryogu and the other Benu. This time, there is no doubt that the interest of scientists and the general public towards the Earth's neighbors will increase. When the Earth's natural resources are rapidly depleting, it will be possible to find out whether it is possible to bring a variety of valuable elements from these asteroids, and to what extent it may be possible to bring them to Earth.


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