SOLAR FOR SIAM: Elon Musk just announced the lowest solar prices of just over a dollar per Watt.

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Now that solar panels are this cheap it wouldn't make sense for anyone who needs a new roof to get the standard old boing roof and just upgrade to a solar one. Here is the Youtube video that inspired me to write about this:

What is Solar for Siam?

To be honest, it is nothing but a Facebook page in 2020, but I have the vision of bringing this technology to Southeast Asia which would bring energy independence to millions of people and will make power lines and dangerous hydroelectric damns a thing of the past.

How can this become a reality?

My original idea is to make Solar for Siam be an NGO or a Non-governmental organization. This would make it possible to get donations and we could bring this technology to a hospital or school out in the country-side. If they have access to Elon Musk's Skylink internet, it would bring a lot of positive changes to people who most need it. After seeing it actually done many businesses will pop up and copy Solar for Siam. Good. Let us all change how we get our energy and have more responsible technologies that don't destroy the environment.

Are you interested in joining?

If you have passion for this and want to be a part of it, let me know here in the comments or message the Facebook page:
I can add you as an admin, so even if I die, the page will continue through you.

What do you think?

I value the opinion of the HIVE mind. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?


I don't like the solar roof system, instead I think a "standard" set of panels on a roof makes more sense.

In fact the best starting point is to ensure that they are installed on all new houses, this rolls the capital cost into the low rate financing used in most home builds.

The same can be applied when a new roof is being installed, that is a large project and you can install new panels over the new roof. This allows raking to be used and proper panel alignment regardless of the pitch of the roof.