Analyzing the fact that artificial intelligence will replace some jobs in the next few years

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Perhaps by the time artificial intelligence technology is fully established it could cause some discomfort by the simple fact that it will replace the workforce, however I am one of those who think that this will only be a transitory period until the great masses adapt and adapt to learn about this technology and new jobs associated with the use and maintenance of such technology may arise.

Let's talk for example about delivery services, currently this work is done with human labor, however it would be good to analyze how would be the replacement to make deliveries taking into account the use of artificial intelligence.

What leads us to consider a scenario where deliveries are made by artificial intelligence is the fact that artificial intelligence is already being used today to mark delivery routes that facilitate the delivery route, that is only the beginning, however, in three decades we may be seeing how products are delivered by cars that do not need any person to drive them due to the help of artificial intelligence.

What about jobs in the industry?

It is at this point where I believe that the most dangerous jobs and that become more repetitive by humans will be replaced by robots that can do it safely and with less rate of generating an accident, I consider it very profitable because the human talent that would be unemployed can be trained to supervise the normal operation of robots, breaking the myth that artificial intelligence and robotics would leave people unemployed.

If we go much deeper, for sure there will be no sector of the economy and the production of services that would be disconnected in the future from artificial intelligence, however, in order not to make this post too long, I close with an analysis that involves the fact of exposing the customer service within businesses to be a replacement of human customer service to a customer service where artificial intelligence predominates, surely the goal a few decades down the road is for shoppers to be able to interact with some sort of artificial intelligence technology that can deliver products and have more efficient and error-free customer service as it can be with humans.

Not everything is so easy, surely there will be many people who refuse to be served by some form of artificial intelligence, however it is a matter of adaptation, when customers see that it is faster and more efficient, surely they will like it more, as time will be a very costly element in the future.