Philosopher AI Defines Hell

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Philosopher AI Hell.png

Some other things I asked Philosopher AI.

Philosopher AI Wagnerian.png

Philosopher AI Satan.png

As above so below.

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So logical though, I finally got you on my voting algorithm I hope you're enjoying all the upvotes. I really enjoy interacting with you and the blockchain and appreciate your criticism of things I post of History

well the answer to Satan wasnt thaaaaat logical :D

wow, happy to hear that :)

"Epstein didn't kill himself"

Said "this is a sensitive topic and I don't want to get my developers in trouble"

If you really like deep diving into history, please do join and be as critical as you wish of the Sumerian Acamedy community Sumerian Academy Community

sumerian and their weird bags.. :D

Lol what if they were that advanced that they had all decide to start cross dressing and thats why everyone had a purse because it was more post modern than the trendy ladies who shop at the strip malls lol