Is Artificial Intelligence the Solution For Detecting Lies

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A lot of us as children learn to tell lies and as we grow most people become pathetic liars, lying to employees, employers, family, friends, neighbors and even the authority (government). The average person just say things that aren’t true from complimenting to remarks, answering questions and testifying, the most of it is lying to promote ourselves and our brands, protect ourselves and people close to us. At a point, you might have told a lie and your friend says “I wish there was a lie detector here”, which makes you feel as though you are not secured (exposed) and you ask yourself how your friend found out. In most cases you might be a bad liar and in some cases, your body movement shows you are telling lies. The ability to use body language to detect lies is what scientist are working.


Using Polygraph is the popular technological advancement about lie detectors but researcher are creating more devices that can detect like more accurately.

Polygraph Machine

Humans are known to detect lies at about 50% - 60% which is why the use of polygraph by security agencies became a major tool for detecting lie. With polygraph test, sensors are attached to the human body most especially the fingers to detect the breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure, precipitation and in some cases hand and leg movement of the person who is undergoing the test.

A polygraph is a machine which utilozes multiple signals from a sensor and records them on a single strip of graph on paper.

Simple questions to show the person answering the question are being asked to keep the person at a resting state after which the major questions are being asked. The examiner looks at the graph to see where change in signals occurred. For polygraph, a significant change in heart rate, blood pressure, and precipitation indicates the person is lying.

Tackling fact.
Trauma from questions could lead to a change in pressure, heart rate, precipitation, body movement and even temperature of the person answering the question, so does that means the person is telling lies?

Understanding how the polygraph machine works is enough to trick machine to believe participant are telling the truth.

Artificial Intelligence in the Lie Detection

With the improvement in technology, today, lie detectors use artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and biosensor to detect when a subject is not being sincere or being deceptive. This technology uses Artificial intelligence, sensors and biometrics to identify if a person is telling lies or being deceptive through the voice, posture, eye gaze, movement and facial expressions.

Using AI to track changes in people’s eye and movement and pulse is a very impressive way to find out when they are deceptive. With simply having a conversation with the machine, the machine will use fined grained micro gestures unlike the smiling or frowning or visible movements rather it utilizes small movements like the eye movement and other micro movements. The Artificial intelligent using machine learning understands how humans behave and very tiny movements of the body including the eyes and as well as pulse rate. An example of an artificial intelligent lie detector is the *Automated Deception Detection System invented by the Manchester metropolitan university

currently only 80% accuracy can be gotten when using lie detectors, it is believed that with continuous research on Artificial intelligence and machine learning, it will be easier to identify when a person is telling lies or when they are being sincere.

Do you think with continuous improvement on Artificial intelligence, we could a 99% or 100% lie detector?

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I see it as something very positive for use in job interviews, in business meetings and of course in the security field. It would also be very useful to know how many truths our politicians and our neighbors tell us.
With the gigantic steps that science is taking, I think we will exceed 100% very soon.

@reinaldoverdu, i will love to see this used in political manifestos as a lot of politicians just keep building lies.

I doubt if politicians will allow this to be used on them unless they are in a court room facing a judge who demands it is used. Having a 100% lie detecting AI will mean having a lie free economy which might also affect businesses as most sales people tell white lies just to make sales.

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This is amazing. If AI starts to think like humans or far better, it is possible that in the future by looking at the brain response to thought when asked a question, AI can detect who is telling the truth and who is deceptive.

Improvement on AI will lead to a lot of exposure. Currently AI is being used at airports to ask travellers questions and to see if they are being truthful with their answers.

Artificial intelligence can do a whole lot in my opinion I however feel that it's qualities might not be extended since some certain person feels it might be the end of us all. I however feel we should use AI for everything, we might lose that naturalness about us.

If this is in circulation already, then it is going to be lot's of fun, imagine your friend lies to you and the machine just signals that will leave the person with no other choice than to say the truth.
I find the concept very exciting, thanks for sharing.

AI and machine learning is becoming quite impressive but my fear is an apocalypse as a result of machine starting to have a sense of importance.

The level at which we are going with technology is becoming quite exciting but also scary in some way.

While reading through this post, I had lots of imagination running through my pretty head, it will be really fascinating if this AI could gain access to a country like mine and expose our politicians(their mode of operation really gets on my nerve, they are so insincere).

The ability of the technology doesn't differentiate who it is observing but i doubt if political figure will like to use this technology as most of their political promises are based on lies

Hi appreciated @ojerinde.

The limitation in the implementation of this technology lies in the ethical aspects.

In order to apply this lie detector, the observed person that is being studied should be informed. In fact, you should have prior approval from that person.

But the authorities make use of this technology without our consent. They study our features and gestures. The results are stored in Big Data and their other subsequent uses are unknown to us.

This data can be used to "clone" faces. The legal consequences can be of great magnitude.

Your friend, Juan.

This is true Juan, the ethical aspect of using this technology is very well important. Using it in airports without prior information to the observed persons in most cases is wrong as once privacy is being evaded.

There is a multidisciplinary international commission that is developing an "Ethical Consensus Agreement". You can learn a little more about this reading my post.