Artificial intelligence; The Solution to the Future is Here

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In a film in 2001 a space odyssey, the HAL 9000 machine with artificial intelligence was able to read lips, thereby understanding what the astronauts said when they wanted to turn it off. The artificial intelligence was able to eject the astronauts into space so it remained on. The days of Science fiction becoming a reality is here and this time, Artificial intelligence cannot only read lips like in the film, they can think like humans and take decisions on their own.


Artificial intelligence is a machine that is programmed to think like human as well as learn from its environment to grow itself to make decisions. There are a lot of things artificial intelligence can do as little about AI abilities is currently known. Today, AI currently perform narrow tasks such as facial recognition, driving self-driving cars and a few other task. There are a lot of things AI will do in the lives of humans. Since humans want to have machines assist them with daily activities, it is necessary that humans use ourselves as a blueprint to the machine so they can act better and more efficiently.

Why Artificial Intelligence is needed?

Creating Artificial Intelligence with human as blueprint means there will be a lot of revolution with the increase in the use of Artificial intelligence as well as many importance. It is not a news that artificial intelligence will replace a lot of repetitive jobs since there will be efficient in handling those tasks for humans but it is believed at the same time that AI will create other new jobs for humans, for instance with artificial intelligence taking over translation from one language to another, humans will have to get more about repairing machines, administrational skills, as well as create new jobs.

Artificial intelligence algorithm has become very important in the medical world making researches easier and faster. While it might take medical researchers and doctor decades to get a solution to a disease, it will only take a few hours for AI to get it done. In other to get this, the necessary data and algorithm must be set up in the machine while the machine learns thing around it using machine language and human language.


Artificial intelligence has been very useful in the financial institution to detect fraud as well as distract scammers. With the increase in data usage, Artificial intelligent is able to identify a particular trade within a financial institution as well as be able to trick scammers so as to distract them from attacking the victims.

Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in national security and defense agencies by checking data and videos captured by surveillance after which it alerts humans about suspicious or abnormal activities. AI and robots are already working to help officer maintain peace and orderliness as well as utilizing data of citizens to make identification easy.
The most impressive importance of artificial intelligence is the ability to help humans solve scientific and other problems humans could not solve on their own. Since it can self learn and improve itself, it is true that Artificial intelligence will become more intelligent and will be able to find solutions to man’s unsolved researches.


Artificial intelligence is still in its early stage and has been of great importance, do you think they will be able to do more things as they are being improved on. Also, do you think Artificial intelligence can one day revolt against humans

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My greatest fear about artificial-intelligence is taking over humans and maybe eliminating us. When something becomes more intelligent than its creator, it starts to reason things on its own and then take actions.

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Humans are hard-wired to think about survival. You can see this from our fight-or-flight reaction which comes from the very primitive part of our brain. As we have evolved our cognitive rational brain, we can better control these reactions which are not always suited to our modern world. That is we see road rage because of our primitive thinking kicking in when in reality - we are not about to be eaten by a lion.

AI - although years away from that sort of sophistication - is very different as it doesn't have primitive emotion. However, we need to ensure that AI is built in a way that every decision it learns, is built on how to better serve the human race. It would be very dangerous to build an advanced AI with the deepest parameter was set to survival at all costs.

Yeah, safety precautions should be put in place in order to prevent serious damage in future. Thanks for the contribution.

I once watched a robotic movie where robots took over and decided to rule over men, I hope this does not happen.

This is an amazing post. I await more progress on AI. Bots learn whatever they are taught so they can become bad also, most tech has its bad and food side. Atomic technology has both it good and detrimental impact to human.

Yes, it definitely has it's good and detrimental impact, we can only hope that the detrimental aspect does not overshadow the good aspect.

Appreciated @futurekr.

This post exposes Basics about AI.
This topic will always be an interesting read.
The web is saturated with tons of information about AI but this will never be enough, we will always want more.

Your friend, Juan.

Thank you Juan, I will definitely do more research as I would love to consistently share great updates here.

It will always be a true honor for us to have your work in our Hive.
Keep writing.

Thank you @juanmolina.

You´re welcome.

I've already bookmarked your post and will read it later on - once I will have little bit more time. Till then - enjoy solid upvote from tipu

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Thanks for sharing this - interesting post.

I think we will all start seeing more and more benefits from AI creep into our lives. Some of it will be transparent to most people. For example, our cars giving useful information based on learning our usual routes and driving habits. However, medicine and science are likely to be the ones that see the greatest benefit.

I heard recently of an AI that had learnt which food combinations tasted good and was using its learning to make new recipes that would taste good. Sometimes using combinations of ingredients that we would never come up with. It is that type of learning that when applied in different disciplines could find solutions that we would not discover easily.

The great impacts of AI cannot be over rated, I appreciate your comment

Dear @futurekr

Interesting choice of topic buddy.

thereby understanding what the astronauts said when they wanted to turn it off

Yeah, I found it so silly that astronauts wouldn't understand that being next to camera or any recording device (which is connected to AI) will bite them in the ass.

Definetly AI will be programmed to protect itself at all cost. Even at cost of human lifes. Especially if AI value would be way bigger as an asset than human lifes.

There are definetly many fields where AI will bring revolution. However when you look at benefits versus risks - then this subject doesn't look as great any more. If anything would ever destroy/enslave humans - it will be other humans, controling AI.

Upvoted already,
Yours, Piotr

You are absolutely correct, the most scary aspect of this evolving technology is the fact that other humans could use them to cause havoc.
Thanks for the contribution.