hex-rex-tex-chex NFT

in #artlast year

Thanks to @wowcrypto and @almightymelon for the latest NFT purchases.


I have dropped the next NFT and this one has unlisted videos with more materials for the NFT owner.

Prices are low in the early editions and go up in the higher edition numbers.

There is also a poem in the description partially inspired by my time with the full Harvest Moon and the lavender I've recently harvested.


If you purchased an NFT and I missed ya, please comment down below.

Oh and I included a video in the notes for the NFT owner that will not be released as an NFT. It was a one off experiment that went out of control.


Thanks to @clayboyn for a very quick purchase of this NFT!



You're very welcome. I couldn't pass it up.

Now a days its coming very quick response on nft art buying, its make a smile on your face.