Infinitely Zooming Pictures

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Did you ever wanted to zoom in to a very detailed painting?
Now you can, on

This project was started by Nikolaus Baumgarten in 2004.

About the Zoomquilt
The Zoomquilt was created in 2004. The project was started by Nikolaus Baumgarten and emerged from a scene of people creating collaborative artworks over the internet in the early 2000's surrounding the digital art group iCE. On the platform people would collaborate on digital paintings. It worked similiar to the surrealist drawing game Cadavre Exquis. An artist would contribute a single tile of a patchwork painting called a "Quilt". They would reserve a spot and get a frame with a border of the neighboring tiles they had to blend their artwork into. The fun of it was to pick up and transform what the other person left and see how the painting evolved in unexpected ways.

You can use the up and down keys to navigate
Take the journey through a surreal world
Full of fantastic and creative paintings
created in by very talented artists

And the journey continues here created in 2017
You can find a bunch of cool details in one endless painting
This one is my favorite! i could watch it for hours.

It becomes more trippy on created by Nikolaus Baumgarten and Sophia Schomberg in 2015

if you still don´t have enough of infinite zooming check out
or for more!

Here some more information's about the art group behind this work

you want to participate? click here

Have fun! infinitive fun!

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