A virtual exhibition Encapsulating Mindful Moments

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The virtual book launch

I'm pleased to announce that the latest exhibition Encapsulating Mindful Moments is now showing in Cryptovoxels. The virtual exhibition and book launch features drawings created for @ericvancewalton's latest book Mindful Moments, alongside excerpts from the book.

In 2018 I travelled to New York to see The Crypto Renaissance exhibition, where my artwork for @dougkarr's novel Dwelling was being exhibited. What a different year we are living in, the idea of getting on a plane and travelling to a book launch seems a distant memory. Fortunately, I am also used to showing my work in the virtual world of CryptoVoxels in my gallery space INK. It seemed only fitting in the current climate to hold a virtual book launch for @ericvancewalton's book Mindful Moments.


A view from inside the INK gallery

If you are new to the world of VR don't worry you don't have to have a VR headset to be able to explore Cryptovoxels, you can just follow the link to see the current exhibition Encapsulating Mindful Moments at INK.
Over the next couple of weeks we will also be releasing new NFTs created from some of the illustrations from the book.


Cryptovoxels is a virtual world built on the ethereum blockchain. The address of INK in Cryptovoxels is 1 Bit Gardens, near Hiro in Origin City (218W,156S).

You can find my tokenized art on SuperRare and KnownOrigin


I can't thank you enough for all your work on this. 2020 has showered plenty of horrific things on us but I'll always remember this project as a bright spot. Merry Christmas!