The Art of Being Creative and Problem Solver : The First Step

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There are so many professions which require creative thinking and instant problem solving skills. For example, engineering, medical, construction, pilot, police and so many others. Also you can see in daily routine that some people show more instant and often correct solution to a problem as compared to other human beings. But the fact is that almost every single person with normal common sense ability can achieve that mastery irrespective of their culture and work exposure.

We will discuss the single habit, in my opinion, it can make a huge difference among people. And this habit is observance, in fact, keen observance. There are three forms of observance and we will also discuss the common mistakes often done by the people in understanding the concept of observance.

Steps to #develop keen #observance #habit.

1-#Zoom In While Observing

In the daily routine, we see various scenes around us. Most of them are so monotonous that we often neglect their importance in our daily life. Do you remember the invention of planes, which was done by observing merely the flying birds? The catch here is that one must observe down to specifics in a scene and neglect all the other features. For example, when there is wind blowing and you want to observe how dense the air is, you must observe the leaves of plant only and neglect rest of the things.

2- #Comparison in Observing

While applying the above process, there is an important thing to do at the same time that is comparison. Compare the things you are observing with the things you already observed or the things in which you are dealing daily. For example, you go out on the road and often stuck in traffic jam. So next time when you see the ants see and think about them in comparison to traffic jam. Collect the differences in your mind and next time if someone asks you about the solution of traffic jam. You will tell those differences as a solution to that specific problem.

3- Applying #Problems to Already #Working #Mechanism.

The final step in keen observing is the #reverse process. In this process one will apply the reverse technique in already working mechanism. For example, one drive daily in a car or bus and you use a steering wheel to control the vehicle. Do you Imagine why you do not use bike like handle in cars and buses? What will happen if suddenly the steering will be changed by handles? What are the pros and cons? Either there will be more accidents or less, and so on. The key is that one apply one’s own situation and then question its practical-ability.

To conclude, in my opinion, #everyone can be #creative. The only key is to be selective in your own way, according to your own thoughts and experiences. Observe the world keenly and it will give you solution to each of your problem.