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Katharsisdrill front_til nettet_450.jpg

In the start of 2020 I will make a Kickstarter for the first album of my comic about Phill from GCHQ - and that means I will have to make a video.. So for this video I need of course to remain in the Katharsisdrill body. Therefore I have today modelled and sculpted a 3d version of the Katharsisdrill logo.

I use open source software for all my project and when creating 3d art I use Blender. The new 2.8 version has recently been released and the fact that I can sculpt directly using my Wacom Cintic makes it all much easier.

The sculpting interface.

I started by making the drill and it was surprisingly easy using the screw modifier. But when I started sculpting I just jumped into it and it was suddenly not that easy. 3D takes normally is best planned out a bit in advance, at least in my experience, but today I was impatience and turned on all the levers at the same time. It looked messy, and it was. But suddenly it also looked like old hammered metal. So I just kept doing what I did and in the end my incompetence had became an asset. It looked old and battered. Here is the finished piece:

Katharsisdrill front_til nettet_640.jpg

The finished piece, rendered with the Blender Cycles engine.

My knowledge of maps and such also helped. Here is the diffuse map and the roughness map. The first one is simply the colours and the second one decides how shiny a thing is.

The diffuse map

The roughness map. The lighter the colour on the map the more shiny.

If I can get it done I will make some footage where you can see my body and with this head on top - moving and all!


That looks really cool. I find 3d design even harder than drawing. Doing something this organic looks challenging, but it worked out well for you.

To me it is harder work than drawing (writing comments are too :) After a session my head spins and I have to go out in the rainy December weather to cool off.

oh cool that is going to be your head on a video? I like the way it turned out. I think it has similar feel to your 2d version. I just started getting into 3d sculpting a little, the bit at the end about the diffuse map and roughness map is helpful :) Cheers

Yes, it was the plan that I would film myself talking as you are supposed to do in a Kickstarter video and then place this head (or rather a low resolution version I just made. I haven't got time for long time rendereing :) I'm going to do some of the experiments today.

Which program are you using? Blender is a full 3d suite that can seem a bit of a mouthful in the beginning, but the new interface is more modular so you can take one step at a time without too much confusion.
Maybe I should make some tutorials here on Steemit while I dig into the mysteries myself.

@katharsisdrill - that was a really cool demo on how you got the effects that you wanted. It turned out great!
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Cheers :)

This looks awesome

Thanks, mate!

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I saw this in @splatz feed. Impressive talent you got there, @katharsisdrill. <— dope handle, by the way.

Thanks :)

Good luck with it all it definitely looks awesome 👍


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