Utimate City Guide of Broozel for the enchanted traveller lost in music. A Rare non-existing books.

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Utimate City Guide of Broozel for the enchanted traveller lost in music

book cover 2.png
Illustration 1 - The cover of the Broozel Guide.

Our collective of historical investigators found out this rare book stucked in a wooden box between two piles of old advertisements magazine in the Big Library of Francisco Gómez. The book is written by an unknown traveller named Diwoknius who tells us the most astonishing story ever heard. The name of the book is "The Utimate City Guide of Broozel for the enchanted traveller lost in music" and describes a town devoted to music, soundwave and harmony. This city is surely not located in our countries, and probably not even in our planet because it is very strange and extremely exotic defying our own law of physics. We are sure that you will find this book very rare and very interesting. We have some doubts about the text of the book but we want to share the content with you in order to let your own onirical and surreal mind wander around and discover this strange land for itself.

The book has a less than hundred pages and is made of paper, parchment and ink, and is fully illustrated. We believe this book to be precious and quite unusual in the Big Library of Francisco Gómez. It is structured in different part like a typical city guide and begins with the following text :

Dear traveller, this precious guide will help you to explore the magnificient city of Broozel, the universal sanctuary of musical harmony and its citizenship devoted to the cult of the soundwave. Broozel is the only city dedicated to the study and practice of the art of soundwave and harmony. Here everything is based on musical notation and abstraction. This city is the only place in the universe where you can hear sounds with both the right ear and the left. This is the only city where you can listen to the sound of a symphony with both the ears and also the heart. Here you will be able to find the most perfect sound wave in the universe. The most complete sound system in the world. The only perfect sound wave. The sound wave, the wave of life and the universal soul.

The book itself is more a puzzle of writing and sketched pencil illustration all togheter piled into a strangely shaped wooden box. This box in which the book belongs to is built like a bassoon with two druses and with one of its sides opening. Our sources says that this box was used to store instructions or manuals for obsolete electrical devices. But we believe that assembling the pages into this box might be a musical instrument in itself for which we still need to discover the mechanics.

a book city guide enluminure 2.png
Illustration 2 - a puzzle of writings and sketched pencil full of music score notations

The cover shows a sketch of human sculpture. The book is printed on paper of which the white parts are coated in blue-gray and black-gray. These two shades are similar to the cover. A few pages are missing, and this is clearly because the book is not meant for everybody but for some people only.

We do not know anything about the author or the exact date of publication.

A part of the text is absurd, like inspiring musical and philosophical theories, but this text should not be read literally. It is supposed to be a kind of oniric and disinhibited piece of literature inspired by broozel-city.

a book city guide.png
Illustration 3 - a few other pages of the manuscript

In our next article we will focus on decrypting the various notes we found and take you to an exciting journey an in this unbelievable poetic City as described by this mysterious author named Diwoknius. Stay tuned.

book on a table 2.png
Illustration 4 - All the papers we found, full of scores, paintings, sketches and annotations from Diwoknius.

An original creation made with generative VQGAN+CLIP and tranfsormers model languages (GPT-J & GPT-Jumbo ) technologies, drived by my own imagination

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