Inside the paintings: relax therapy :)

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Some days at work are stressful. Some are stressful more or much more. And then, there are those days that make more stressful days seem light like feather.

One way to relax and recharge is going out to the RL: meet ups with friends, parties, wanderings in nature...
Other way is to go in to the VR.
Staying in PJs/bed all day without contact with people is also good option :)

Due to stty weather and stty lockdown, I have decided to make the best of those three: nature, VR and PJs :D

Within quite an extensive offer of virtual tours that have appeared since the beginning of the pandemic, my choice for this Sunday.s relax therapy is enjoying art of famous painters - from the inside :D

photo: The water lily pond, taken at Albertina museum, Wien

Decided to start with taking a walk and swimming among Monet.s Water lilies and then stare at the Van Gogh.s Starry night. Then preparing to potential surrealistic dreams (due to surrealistic time at work) with Dreams of Dali :)

What is your favorite digitized/VR art project (excluding NFTs :P)?


What is your favorite digitized/VR art project (excluding NFTs :P)?

haha, next innovation: NFTs in VR :P

Had a thought about that also but when said excluding, means excluded in all forms ;P