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Today post is about a football-fish, one of the deep-sea angler-fishes. With an huge sexual dimorphism, a female length is more than 10 times bigger than the male. Discovered in the XIXth century's beginning on the shores of Greenland, and described by J.C.H.Reinhardt a zoology professor at the University of Copenhagen.


It's family have been named after the ancient Greek imantos = thong,strap - lophos = crest, Himantolophidae are found in tropical and subtropical waters of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. Rarely caught below 1 000 meters deep, it look like female are bad swimmers, more like lie-in-wait predators using their bioluminescent lures, like a strap on their crest. On the other hand male have good swimming organs, huge eyes and olfactory sensors, to maximize their chance to find a female in the darkness of the abyss. Males are tiny, and their mouth is made to hook the female skin and when attached they begin to coalesce (merge), and eventually it becomes a functional gonad when every other organ degenerate, getting all the nutrition from the female blood.

*Stamp FO 539 of Postverk Føroya: Atlantic footballfish - Himantolophus groenlandicus - Astrid Andreasen

We know about 22 species, but we have to remain aware than more of 70 percent of the Earth's surface is underwater. So what other mysterious and unknown species the immensity of the abyss shelter, and how many will come extinct before we even see them for the first time...

It have been a bit shorter, but I'm working hard to create a longer blog post with my next big piece ! hope you've liked this one ! Take Care,


Bibliography :


This is something I would frame and and put on my desk.
The fish looks great and so creepy in the same time. Love it!

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Thank you @ewkaw : I'm glad you like it ! If you are interested I will drop it to my etsy shop (or some prints) tomorrow ;)
And if you want to see some really cool pictures you should definitely look the NYT article !
Take care :)

Thank you! I will have a look :)
Hope to see much more drawing here too.

Very nice! Tweeted!

Thank you !

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yeah very nice drawing!

You're a historian
Nice drawing

Indeed I love natural history ;) but I can't consider myself an historian as I don't have any background and I only try to figure things out by myself ^^
Take care, andThank you !


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The fish looks great, I really like it. This is something different and unique.Thanks for sharing. :)

Everything is unique down here, in the abysssssss ;) thank you !! :)