Apple impressed me!

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I bought the wife, an iPad Air for Christmas. I have to say that while I hate Apple products with a vengeance, I was pretty impressed with the 'setup' feature.

When I was in the store (With my daughter), I initially had reservations: "Oh god, there's no 'Home' button! That'll completely throw your mum." after being reassured by my daughter that she would spend Christmas day showing her mum how to use it I gave in and bought it.

I'd written out the gift tag from our dog Charlie, it said: "Thanks for letting me out to bark, mum." when the wife opened it she nearly burst into tears!

A few hours later came the: "Can we set my new iPad up?" sat at my computer. I was waiting for the wailing and gnashing of teeth, but no! The new iPad said something like, "Let's set up your new iPad. Place your old iPad next to your new one." and hey presto, the new one saw the old one and, after accepting the transfer, merrily pulled everything over! The only hiccup was I had to re-pair her (Bose) headphones. That's a pretty impressive system, especially if your customer base is not very technical.

It greives me to say it but; Well done Apple.

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I was on the hating side of apple products but eventually I find that they are pretty good for taking pictures which is something I often do so I've been procrastinating of getting one just because that phone will have no other function than taking photos. Anyway, happy New year to you and your family.

The wife's iPad is the only Apple product in the house. She loves it to bits. Her old one was worn out after five years of usage every single day.

Yeah, when that feature works it's great. But sometimes it's doesn't (i.e. this Christmas when my daughter got a new iPhone). I wanted to throw them both across the room (the iPhones, not my daughter :)).

It was a sad day when they stopped us throwing small people across the room. 😉

I'm not crazy about Apple stuff, but I just don't use it enough to support it when family have issues. Obviously a lot of people are happy with paying the premium price. I've actually found Android kit to be pretty good at setting things up if you've used a previous device as it installs all your apps once you log in. It's improved a lot over the years.

TBH, I generally say to the missus: "I've no idea, I don't use em and we don't support em at work." luckily, one of my daughters knows a bit about them.

Same here. My dad and sister use Apple.

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