How to control an Android smartphone from a computer screen

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Useful for anyone who is tired of being distracted by their phone while working.

To control your mobile device from a computer, you will need one of the following services. Each of them displays the smartphone interface in a separate window and allows you to work with applications using the keyboard and mouse. You can, for example, type text and even swipe with the cursor. The quality of the display will depend on both the selected service and the power of your devices.

Using vysor


If ApowerMirror doesn’t suit you, you can try Vysor as an alternative. But this service is much inferior to the previous one.

Vysor clients are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. There is even an app for Google Chrome. Alas, the free version of Vysor broadcasts the smartphone screen in not the best quality, shows ads and allows you to connect the device only via USB. In addition to controlling the smartphone, it only allows you to take screenshots .

To improve image quality, unlock screen recording, Wi-Fi connectivity and file management, you need to buy a subscription worth $ 2.5 per month. For lifetime access to these features, you need to make a one-time payment - $ 40.

How to connect an Android ‑ smartphone:

Download the Vysor desktop program or the version for the Google Chrome browser and run it.
On your smartphone, enable USB debugging.
Connect the smartphone to the computer through the cable and issue all the permissions that the devices request.
When the name of your smartphone appears in the Vysor menu, click View and wait for the connection.


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