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This is so amazing I never knew u could do all these things on here to help with ur live broadcast for example YouTube channels I thought U had to hire professionals. Come to find out I can do it myself and look like I'm a professional broadcaster this app takes some time to make them but it is well worth it. It will give U more followers and more what U need. please download this app it's great it's amazing it's perfect...Youtube Thumbnail Maker I installed this and honestly, i hate putting reviews and its not like this app told me to review them, but i reviewed them amyway bc this is an amazing app. You can create thumbnails and all for free. I reccomend you remove background and crop or find pics with no background before putting the pics yu want on the thumbnail template bc there's no backround remover tool. This app honestly has it all. picture filters, fonts, anything you would want to put on yur thumbnail.i could not find a single app that worked like it said it would, but this one worked exactly like it said it would, it ran smooth, it made making my banner for my youtube channel titan sage super easy, i would definetly recommend downloading this if your looking for an app to help you make thumbnails and banner.This app is great. And it helps people get more subscribers and likes because of the thumbnail. It had a lot of great effects and options. I couldn't find an app that would work like it said it would until I found this app and it works perfectly. It helps me a lot and I think you should download it.I love this app! i think the people who download this app will get more subcribers,likes,and veiws! the controlls are kind of easy but i got used to it! it was also relaxing. ause it barely takes up any space on your phone,tablet,computer and other things! and since my phone doesn't have a good storage card i liked that it barely took up space! you should download it and my one thumbnail that i have right now, I LOVE IT!!! And if you dont want to download it thats fine!


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