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Amazing ! Thank you for the developer, youre creative.Success will happen for you all, amen,Started playing when it came out to this, ive been playing it very much lately and i will keep playing it.This game has a lot of different levels for us to play and all of them are fun too. The pictures and the ways that they design the game are brilliant, especially the levels that require you to interact with things before you can find what you need. Hope that there will be more updates soon and I am really looking forward for the new levels!

The gameplay is average, with nothing new and other games are doing the same thing but better. UThe graphic, music, UI and character design are very old fashioned and subjectively rather unattractive. The arts are all over the place, there is no theme in their design, everything is barely acceptable to the average market of mobile games. There was 12 reviews by the time I have played this and all have given it a 5 star. After playing this for a while I believe these reviews are rigged, 12 reviews on the same day with prises written in the same petty style, it’s so tasteless. But please understand my review to the game has nothing to do with your fake reviews, the game really isn’t good for the above reasons. I hope you will improve in your future productions, especially on the game design, faking reviews is secondary.

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