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Outstanding! It's simply the most useful application in the playstore. Microsoft has combined its whole Office ecosystem at one place with this. Word, Excel, PowerPoint along with Sticky Notes, and One drive. Everything now comes at one place. It saves me from baffling around applications, reduces the amount of RAM and background lagging, and helps me keep a minimalist approach for my mobile screen. Then it works flawlessly, better than the individual apps indeed.I have not had extensive use of app to speak to all new features; however the ability to access all office apps and easily pull data and files from multiple OneDrive and SharePoint sites for all signed in MS Accounts is amazing. Initial experience with the new interface very positive DEFINITELY an upgrade over having a dedicated app for each office program and cloud storage platform. Very impressed with my initial usage and love the easier access and ability to view, edit, create new files.This is really amazing Application! It has simplified the work and life with files. Thank you so much Microsoft Corporation for developing this Application. Few things can be added such as editing and creating pdf's, converting pdf's to jpg, word to jpg etc. Also the app can be made more personalized by manual sorting of files inside the app, renaming the files etc. I wish I will see these improvements in the application soon. Thank you again for developing this Application. Highly Recommend!I must say that I have, since 1982 or so, had my ups and downs with MS, but I am finding that my experience with Office 365 and Windows 10 to be exceptional. Office 365 is far more feature rich and dependable than Google Docs, and OneDrive more flexible than Google Drive. I am really quite happy with Office of late.Finally, thank you Microsoft. The only thing I miss in this app is if you can edit everything like desktop version specially in making PowerPoint, this app do fine but it does not have any option to add animation to slides, overall it's a solid app for viewing and fast ongoing editing, but it still lacks that( no pc is needed) feeling which it should have in this time.


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