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The App is very handy. Long ago, I requested to introduce Periodic payment feature, and IBBL appreciated too. For example I need to send an amount to my mother every month. So if there were a feature of auto debit instructions, which we see in every foreign bank app, I could rest assured of timely transfer hassle free. I request IBBL team to introduce Periodic payment feature for the first time in Bangladesh.superb apps .I'm just enjoying this app. I feel comfortable when I use this apps for mobile recharge , money transfer to others bank and etc. this apps is very helpful to me but this apps has one bad side that's when I type my email and password and others information then apps is didn't show the letters if IBBl solve it then it'll be well for us. .... However thanks a lot IBBl. we're gratitude to IBBL for such a apps.Nice app. Suggestions: 1. Fund transfer to MFS like mcash, bkash, rocket, nagad etc. should be added. 2. Electricity bill payment to Palli Bidyut Prepaid Meter should be added. 3. Add money to other bank accounts or cards should be added. 4. e-commerce to popular sites like daraz, e-valley, bagdoom, ajker deal etc. should be available. 5. Online purchase tickets of bus/railway/airways/launch should be added. 6. Existing services of ibblportal should be available.1. I would like to request or suggestion you to add this future in IBBL Fund transfer to, bkash , Roket etc 2. Electricity bill payment to Palli Bidyut Prepaid Meter should be added If you add these two futures, then I will avoid to using the city touch app because their sending transaction OTP SMS at that moment the page is expired from that point, this bank is very well.


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