ApeMiningClub Releases Quantum, (Google's Sycamore "RIP BTC")

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I bet you have heard of Ape Mining Club a handful of times if not more. Like most games on hive its best to DYOR but at the same time could* be an APE opportunity. I have spoken on it a couple of times and have been known to have my name up in the high ranks for some time.. the mechanics are defi 20.0 maybe?

We have arrived in the quantum realm

Well a couple of days ago, I noticed a user steal a Quantum.. I was a bit surprise since there was no mention of a release.. it was out of the blue which made it interesting.. so I of course APE in and steal it from that user and than of course there is a battle back and froth and it ends. I did not have a ton of APE since I have been buying up ASICS and other mining.. so this was a surprised, for which I should have been better prepared... next time.


By owning Quantum Mining Equipment you are earning the big bucks~ 800 APE without boost of course.. that's a ton of ape man I thought I was up there check this out.. sneak peak. These are some big numbers and if you calculate the amount of APE and the current price of ape you'd be wanting to jump into this game as well. NFA..


Looking at the Apeminingclub wallet you can see that account/person is getting a nice chunk of APE daily.. crazy stuff mate.

What is a Quantum Computer? .. BTC is probably dead

While looking of a Quantum image which I came Across Googles beats Sycamore.. for which I quoted below..

Sycamore is a quantum processor created by Google Inc.'s Artificial Intelligence division. It has 53 qubits which are more useful than bits since it can hold a lot more information.

This Machine needs to be Isolated and Below Freezing.. and Must dive into another dimension smaller and even alien to us which for us is currently impossible to decipher the quantum mechanics. ANTMAN FOR SURE KNOWS.

This video gives you some inside

In 2019, Sycamore completed a task in 200 seconds that Google claimed, in a Nature paper, would take a state-of-the-art supercomputer 10,000 years to finish. Thus, Google claimed to have achieved quantum supremacy. To estimate the time that would be taken by a classical supercomputer, Google ran portions of the quantum circuit simulation on the Summit, the most powerful classical computer in the world.

So it's reached ultimate processing speed of a saying god? Jesus.. I thought that was interesting until I found an article on A Quantum clearing out the rest of the minable Bitcoin less than 3 Million left, in 2 seconds flat.. This process was estimated to take around 121 years.. Sycamore can theory do it in 2 seconds.. well.. BTC RIP...

Is that really possible though? Maybe read more about it below.. its interesting.



Quantum Computing is as of right now just a theory, Google is going forth head strong.

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dude that cover image is dope.

the ape head fit perfectly.

Heading for quuuuantumoooo!


Fascinating article. I have always been curious about quantum computing, I heard that they are necessary for doing crazy impossible math computations. I had no idea that the unit of memory was vastly different from that of consumer-level computers.

We can have in theory create a true metaverse like ready player one style with one of these babies.

Not just a theory, e.g. Alphabet is heavily investing in it and recently reported a milestone.

Ohh nice, that's even better now.

We will soon integrate

Transhumanism progresses fast...
Too fast for my taste.

Really glad I got into APE, it's pretty interesting

Yes it is a very cool concept add onto the blockchain.

The first I heard of APE mining club is when I looked at my Hive Engine Wallet and there were some tokens in there from Ape Mining Club. I have to do a bit more research to understand what this is but it sounds interesting.

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