Ants, yes, my favourite (except for those darn Argentine Ants)

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My neighbour is a super clean person. I mean ultra clean.
She washes the rocks in her garden & cyphens out any dirt, seeds etc to make sure that it's all clean.
She mops her bin, she cleans the driveway - she is fastidious in her duties! Bless her.

What she doesn't like, is that I love the spiders, ants, lizards etc and I love that they enjoy my untidy front yard :)

It's a conflict - much like the conflict on Steem at times between personalities, rules, regulations - we all have differences of opinion.

But it keeps us motivated.

Different Ant Varieties

Argentine Ant

You may/may not know that I dislike Argentine invasive ants.
They took over our suburb in the late 1970's and had been going from, strength to strength, taking over almost the whole place.
They're not a bad ant, in terms of that they have no harsh bite or stinger. They just take over the whole area - that are a super colony that operates pretty much like how Rome spread over the world.

But, they have had a demise, also much like the Roman empire. How? Why? I do not know.
The drought? Climate change? Possible, as the weather does seem different & the Argentine ants do require good water flow (that's why the flourish in suburban areas due to water runoff from pathways)

Other ants

But now there is some variety just in my yard.
Big deal? Not really in the scheme of things. But they tend to flowers, plants & seem to be thriving at the moment.


They tend to avoid conflict. Getting resources and doing their job is more important than wasting time and energy in fighting.

If the weather is warm, they are more active and more likely to bump into each other on occassion.
If a bump happens near a colony entrance, or big food source, then there will be a stouche to work out land rights.
Then it's back to business.


Infection inhibitors

Ants protect plants cause they got their antibiotics rubbing around the place.

Oh, did you know that ants carry antibodies? in their little ant bodies .. yes, they do, they secrete and cover their body.
Living subterranean lives means germs can spread - so they adapted with the ability to keep things clean!

Even the possibility of them helping us stave off infections in the future when we overuse our current methods.


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