Your attacks on Dr Fauci don’t really go as far as you think they do.

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Most people don’t care one bit about what Fauci says, even pro-vaxxers.

Your competitor isn’t some singular doctor, but all of modern science showing that the vaccines are working.

Take the vaccine on headstrong if you’d like (with real, nuanced facts). You’ll find that the unvaxxed have faired far worse.

Falling back on Fauci attacks really just wastes time you could have been spending on pointing out where the vaccine fails (which the vaccine isn’t perfect, but it’s far better for those who are high risk who would be dead right now had it not been for the vaccine)

I’m just saying, most provaxxers and anti-Covid people don’t care two craps about Fauci either, just like you.

If you want to spend your time properly then stick to the facts of the vaccines themselves.

Sadly the science is against antivaxxers and the vaccine works extremely well, and is especially important for high risk people.

Every Anti-Fauci post I see (as I’m anti Fauci myself) just makes me think that that person doesn’t have any real evidence on their side to post and is a strawman post against what many provaxxers stand for (most care about the science, not some state demagogue/Fauci).

Thing is if people spent less time on Fauci and more time on the science they’d have to end up admitting that the vaccines are crucial for high risk people, so no wonder they want to use distractions and straw man’s like acting like anybody anti-Covid is pro-fauci when it’s not even close to being true.


Mingus dropping some truth on us all right here