Aminal intelligence, Part III

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Challenges in communication with animals


Hello friends, if you have been following me, you have seen my latest publications on the communication of animals, interesting and exciting topic, which involves in many aspects various branches of science, the problem here is that we still do not have a completely empirical way and objective to measure the intelligence of these animals, with the observation of their behaviors, natural selection, has created the brains of the different species, based on very different needs from each other, that could have nothing to do with social behaviors and be smarter; for example, when looking for food or getting oriented, it is difficult to quantify how intelligent they are.


Fortunately, in neurology, a measure called an encephalization coefficient, which far from being perfect, is the best indicator of an animal's intelligence based on its biology, what it calculates is the relative size of the brain based on the size of the brain. body, the larger an animal, the more brain size is required to function to coordinate all body functions, but there are exceptional animals that have a much larger brain than expected, considering how small their bodies are, they do not need having a brain as large, for its basic needs as being, if we compare them with the average obtained with other species, this deviation, this extra size apparently unnecessary, is what measures the encephalization coefficient.


Humans occupy the first place on the planet with a 6.56 coefficient, parrot like Alex have 1, gorillas like Koko a 1.75; but dolphins reach 5.55; they are still below us, but the jump with respect to primates, whose behaviors seem very intelligent to us, is abysmal they are very close to us, so we could be before animals with an intelligence, very similar to ours or even superior, because As we said this coefficient is not perfect, animals that have not developed a civilization? Mmmh and if they have already done it, but we are not able to see it, to ask ourselves how we could talk to dolphins, is really a small part of a fascinating conceptual framework, which has just been opened, think of an extraterrestrial civilization that will reach the earth, not only would not be very difficult, if not impossible to communicate with them, but surely their way of existing as a civilization, would be very different from the idea that we humans have, so different that perhaps we would not realize that they exist as civilization, this sounds like something to you.


It is possible that the fact that dolphins do not have hands with which to manipulate and create tools or other human capacities, has avoided their domination in nature and on the planet; (eye I'm not saying that dolphins are conspiring against us hehehe and that they have secret organizations that humans are unable to detect.

What I want to say is that dolphins teach, learn, cooperate, make plans and fight, use tools use sponges as masks to prevent injuries when they look for food on the sea floor; for example, they have many ways to play with each other and organize themselves to different social groups, for example, bands, but also alliances and families, go to humans when they are sick or have been lost and have an impressive memory remembering the Whistles of their peers, even years later without seeing them, whistles with those who seem to talk to each other and a long etcetera.



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