Aminal intelligence, Part II

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More human than some humans.

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Hello friends, this video of a gorilla called KoKo, which went viral in 2015, video owned by the NGO Noah, that through sign language that showed its concern about the impact that anthropogenic activities are having on ecosystems of the planet; Appearing to understand the concepts of biodiversity and climate change, as well as the magnitude of the emerging phenomenon of humanity and the scale of planet Earth.

It reflects a level of cognitive ability much higher than simply knowing how to use sign language, the details of the realization of the spot were never published, so it is difficult to say anything for sure, but it is quite likely that Koko was still obliged a script, but and beyond the announcement, this gorilla gained worldwide fame for something and is that it was one of the greatest successes in the list of animals capable of communicating with humans, could make a thousand signs, about two thousand words in English, but the doubts remained and if he said words at the right time, simply to receive rewards once again showing operant conditioning just like Alex.

Those responsible for his study refute the criticism with facts such as the following, it is seen that Koko never learned the concept of ring, but he was referring to it, mixing the bracelet and finger signals, which would exemplify the understanding of the meaning of the words, Koko referred to herself as the Queen, the queen although her caregivers never called her that way, in what was perhaps a kind of projection of her being aware of the fame she had acquired as she received exceptional care, as well as the visit of many media and curious researchers.


Again, as with Alex the evidence seems to indicate even more strongly that the animal, if it seemed to understand and reason what it said, obviously at a lower level than the human, there were two more primates Washoe the chimpanzee and Kanzi the bonobo, who also learned to communicate with sign language, further increasing the list of evidence that these animals actually understood what they were saying, but a part of the scientific community continues to remain skeptical, so we need more decades of research with these animals, so we better look for an animal whose intelligence could be comparable to the human and with better communication skills.



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